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The Lyndon Community Research & Training Program
Research and evaluation

Lyndon Community is committed to practice-based research that will improve and develop a professional workforce and quality services.
Our research aims to develop health service models, implementation strategies and evaluation programs; monitor clinical services and client outcomes; and identify trends in service delivery demand and supply.

Lyndon Community is currently working with research partners to develop innovative delivery of harm minimisation information and support to rural communities, Aboriginal families and young people.

Research staff can deliver drug and alcohol needs assessments for communities, service evaluations and assist in developing research ideas and conducting projects.

Education and training

Our education and training programs include training for health and welfare professionals, general practitioner training, alcohol and drug medical specialist training and tertiary education including student placements.

We also develop and deliver specialist resources and provide clinical supervision to alcohol and drug practitioners to promote and develop new knowledge and skills in the workplace.
Students from medical, nursing, allied health and welfare disciplines can undertake placements at Lyndon Withdrawal Unit, Lyndon Therapeutic Community, Lyndon Outreach Service and within the research program.


For more information about Lyndon Community’s Research and Training Program contact 02 6361 2300 or send an email to